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Handheld Two-Way Radio for CERTs - ONLY useful for WPV-CERT Members

Handheld Two-Way Radio for CERTs - ONLY useful for WPV-CERT Members

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WPV-CERT is now offering a pre-programmed two-way radio for our CERT trained volunteers. They are only useful for people in the WPV-CERT organization.

The radios are programmed to utilize local radio repeaters which can help CERT members stay connected in the event of an emergency, or when normal communication methods are unavailable.

Buy one today to keep in your CERT backpack and be ready!
What is included:
- Wouxun KG-UV7D Dual Band Radio
- Lithium Battery Pack
- Desktop Charger
- Belt Clip and Wrist Strap
- AA Battery Pack
- Pre-programmed and ready to use

Tax and Shipping included.

Requires $70 GMRS 10-Year License (No Tests!)

Can be used as an amateur radio if you get your Ham license!

Note that you must be a registered CERT in the WPV-CERT program in order to use the CERT radio frequencies, or be currently enrolled in CERT Basic Training.  We will not program your radio to use the CERT frequencies if you are not registered.  We will gladly program it to use existing UHF frequencies authorized for our use by the American Red Cross. Radios come with a color-coded antenna tip to let our field personnel know how your radio is programmed.

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